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1 EVENT COLECTORS PARADISE on Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:20 am


Guide to Event Ships for the "Collectors Paradise" Event

The newest and most current event to hit NavyFIELD is the Collectors Paradise event. We have another opportunity to claim events ships by completing missions in this event. The concept behind the event is simple, complete a mission to play a specific room type 100 times and win 40 rounds in that room type and you become elligible to claim an EBB from a tier assigned to that room type. For a game to count towards your 100 wins and/or 40 victorys you must stay in the room for atleast 5 minutes, just like the premium reward timer.

As the event lasts a period of only 2 weeks (March 7th - 21st) you must average atleast 8 games and 4 wins every day in order to complete ONE mission before the final day of the event. To complete 2 missions (And be elligible for a 2nd EBB and a bonus ECV, see below) you must average atleast 15 games and 7 wins every day. Assuming the average GB lasts about 10 minutes, with a low event waiting time of 5 minutes for games to start, and that you win about half your games, you could complete one mission in 25 hours of play (not including breaks). This time would be considerably less for blitzkrieg, skirmish and world at war as these game types have a much lower average duration. Normally, the queue time would be the issue, but during the event and considering the necessity for some of these game types to be around, I wouldn't expect that to be a problem. With Skirmish however, there might be issues, but since these games only need 10 BBs and 6 CVs to start, I would hope there would be enough people wanting EBB2s to play them.

Below, I have listed all the avialable tiers of event ships that can be claimed as rewards from this event, the room type they are assigned to and what ships make up that tier. I have listed their names, the level required to operate the bridge and the tier at which the ships play relative to standard ship classes of the normal ship trees. Despite these details, I implore to you to use this websites ship tree and components sections to invesitage the available ships before dedicating your time to earning one.

To investigate a ship, navigate to the GAME INFO at the top menu of this website and select the Ship Tree beneath. A window will pop-up displaying the ships of the neutral nation, select the nation you are interested in using the buttons at the top. Then, use the scroll bar at the bottom of the ship tree to navigate to the far right hand side of the ship tree, where you will find all non-standard ships listed, including premium ship and event ships. Click the square icon of a ship and scroll down to read the details of that ship and see a preview of the ships design.

Please note that while I have done my very best to provide accurate information, I am only human. Please be sure to double check any and all information to ensure the ship you receive is one you want. If you have any questions at all, don't hesistate to ask here and I will do my best to answer.

Event Battleships Tier 1

EBB1s are unique hull ships with unique guns. They are generally lower than a BB1 in level and performance. These ships are designed primarily for fun, because they are too low level to properly take on ships of tiers much higher. However, for their own levels they are quite strong and can be very enjoyable to play, as can the challenge of taking on other players, but using these ships with at-level crews isn't advised and these ships make poor levelers. Despite their low level, most of them are able to fit a crew which is level 120 without sacrificing armament or manpower.
Aquired from mission: Blitzkrieg, 100 plays, 40 wins.

Nation Ship Name Level Operating Tier

USN New York 60LVL BB 0.5

RN Dreadnought 58LVL BB 0.5

IJN Mikasa 58LVL BB 0.5

KM Nassau 62LVL BB 0.5

MN Danton 50 LVL BB 0.5

SN Borodino 50LVL BB 0.5

RM Re Umberto 50LVL BB 0.5

Event Battleships Tier 2

EBB2s are leveling ships, named variants of existing hulls. They are all based upon BB1s, or in the case of nations that have dreadnought era BB1s their BB2s. EBB2s generally provide an additional support slot, for increased performance and improved leveling ability, aswell as being armed with guns from the next tier. For example; USN Mississippi, which is based upon the BB1 New Mexico (1930) but can use the guns of the BB2 Colorado. On top of these bonuses, they benefit from improved attributes across the board, such as increased DP. As such, they are generally operate at a strength of slightly worse or slightly better than a BB2. These ships also all have unique looks to them, such as the IJN Haruna which has a darker wood deck and black/white naval pattern belt camoflague or the RN Resolution which has dark green/white naval camoflague along its belt and deck structures.

Note: Since the SN BB1 was probably considered unviable as an event ship and the MN BB1s were considered too strong when using BB2 guns, these nations instead have ships that more closely resemble EBB3s and are based on BB2 hulls.
Aquired from mission: Skirmish, 100 plays, 40 wins.

Nation Ship Name Level Operating Tier

USN Mississippi 67 BB 1.5

RN Resolution 64 BB 1.5

IJN Haruna 66 BB 1.5

KM Gneisenau (1943) 73 BB 1.5

MN Le Havre 74 BB 2.5

SN Poltava 73 BB 1.5

SN Izmail (1916) 74 BB 2.5

RM Dante Alighieri (1914) 72 BB 1.5

Event Battleships Tiers 3 and 4

EBB3s and 4s are similar to EBB2s. Their hulls are based on existing ships from either BB2 or BB3 pools. Similarly, EBB3s also benefit from being able to guns from the tier above them, for example the RN Valiant can use any of the guns available to the RN BB3s. However, the EBB4s do that have this benefit, they instead also have access to their nations BB3 guns, although often to slightly larger alternatives, for example the RN Hood (1939) can also access all of the RN BB3 guns, but can more appropriately accomodate the BB3 Hood guns. These ships also benefit from increased attributes across the board, they have additional support slots to improve the leveling experience and performance aswell as also having a unique appearance, such as the KM Bismarck (1943)s naval belt camoflague and Kriegsmarine war insignias or the RM Caracciolo (1919)s red, white and blue paint job covering the entire surface of the ship.
Aquired from mission, Great Battle and Great Battle II, 100 plays, 40 wins.

Nation Ship Name Level Operating Tier

USN Maryland 77 BB 2.5

USN Indiana 83 BB 3.5

RN Valiant 78 BB 2.5

RN Hood (1939) 86 BB 3.5

IJN Mutsu 79 BB 2.5

IJN Hyuga 84 BB 3.5

KM Bismarck (1943)82 BB 2.5

KM O Project II (1943)87 BB 3.5

MN Provence 75 BB 2.5

MN Strasbourg (1938) 84 BB 3.5

SN Kronshtadt (1940) 85 BB 3.5

RM Giulio Cesare (1914) 80 BB 2.5

RM Caracciolo (1919) 86 BB 3.5

Event Battleships Tier 5

EBB5s are BB4 event ships, based upon BB4 hulls and using BB4 guns. At the time of writing, the RN and IJN EBB5s have not been implemented yet. The ships are designed with one primary goal, to improve the experience of leveling from BB4 to BB5 by providing a 'BB4 upgrade' half way through the grind. EBBs benefit from small upgrades to almost every attribute to improve their performance aswell as have unique alternative looks such as the USN Missouris black paint or the MN Clemenceaus unique purple naval camoflague pattern. On top of this, EBB5s all have an 8th support slot, allowing for the leveling of a BB5 sized crew as early as 96. It is important to note that in terms of total experience, EBB5s provide the most coverage at 5,200,000 exp (Lvl 96-103).
Note: All EBB5s are capable of fitting their nations BB5 guns, however, they cannot include any ammo so these guns will not operate. Do not glance at an EBB5 and make the mistake of believing it can use guns better than BB4 tier.

Aquired from mission: World at War, 100 plays, 40 wins.

Nation Ship Tree Level Operating Tier

USN Missouri 96 BB 4.5

KM H41 Project 96 BB 4.5

MN Clemenceau 96 BB 4.5

SN Stalingrad 1953 96 BB 4.5

RM Giulio Cesare 1940 96 BB 4.5

Event Carrier Vessels

Event CVs are all specially designed to bridge the gap between any 2 existing CVs by providing a ship at the level half way between. For example, the RN Victorious sits at lvl 77, between the lvl 73 CV3 Illustrious and the lvl 82 CV4 Ark Royal. These ships all provide a bonus support slot over the previous ship (equal to the ship that succeeds them) aswell as additonal aircraft space and improved DP. Most ECVs are also considerably more maneuverable than their standard counterparts. Like all event ships, ECVs have unique colours or paint jobs, such as the darker, white highlighted SN Project 71C or the very dark IJN Katsuragi with its red and black chevrons and stripes.
Note: Due to the lack of an MN CV3, the Bearn 1944 instead more closely resembles an actual CV3 instead of an event variant in terms of how it operates. It is still an event ship in every other regard, such as its rarity and appearance.

Aquired by completing any 2 of the above EBB missions.

Nation Ship Name Level Operating Tier

USN Enterprise 72 CV 3.5

RN Victorious 77 CV 3.5

IJN Katsuragi 74 CV 3.5

KM Alvensleben 61 CV 2.5

KM Richthofen 74 CV 3.5

MN Bearn (1944) 71 CV 3

MN Joffre (1943) 87 CV 4.5

SN Komsomolets (1927) 61 CV 2.5

SN Project 71C 76 CV 3.5

Rota (1925)
CV 2.5

Sparviero (1943)
CV 3.5


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