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1 ONF TEST EXPERIENCES FOR BB on Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:20 pm


Hello guys, the infos below are from ONF tests.

1) Bulge and belt armor: Do not use more than 0,2 belt in your ship. It's tested that 0,2 belt is good like 1,2. If you put extra, it's only extra weight to your ship, nothing else. Use enough bulge not to get killed easy by subs-torps, but keep in mind to keep your speed in a good level. For a BB your overheat should not fall below 36!!

2) Guidelines: This is one of the most important things in NF and very few people know about this!!! Make sure your shells fall EXACTLY where your guidelines finish !!! When i say exactly, i mean exactly!! To make this follow some simple steps:

a) Take your ship on a test mission. Overheat south and have your ship heading directly south. cross your guns guidelines and fire. you will notice that either your guidelines are shorter or longer than were your shells land. How to fix this?

b) After you saw the problem with your shells land-guidelines, go to your harbor and click on the recruits of your BO. Increasing the rookies will make the guidelines longer. Decreasing the rookies will shorten the guidelines. If you have only 1 rookie and all other experts and vets, "burn" 10-20 experts (try to convert them to vets) to make rookies available. Make adjustments to the number of rookies on your BO and return to test mission again. Try your new guidelines and andjust again using the same method. It will take you some time but trust me the result pays good.

c) So you ask what the result is right? Well, if your shells land EXACTLY were your guidelines finish you have the maximum damage per shell that your guns provide PLUS you have the best spread possible. Now of course the spread depends also from the level of gunners, vets-experts and the type of guns but generally thats the rule you must follow in order to have the maximum possible effect in your gameplay.

d) Let's say that you finished your guidelines adjustment and you see the result i describe you. And let's say you have 20 rookies , 300 experts and 120 vets on your BO (example only). Lets say also that your BO is level 100. Ok, when you hit level 101, you will need to re-adjust your rookies on your BO because your BO from level 100-101 have more abillity which equals longer guidelines. Usually you will need to remove 1-3 rookies to have the same result. So again 2-3 test missions to have the job done.

e) And final about the guidelines: Make sure after every battle you lost rookies-experts-vets, to check your BO and see if the numbers are still the same on your rookies-experts-vets. If your BO lost 1 rookie, replace it and go to battle again. So all in all remember your BO's "magic number" . If after the adjustments you have 20 rookies on your BO, that's your "magic number". Remember it.

3) Deck armor: This is were some myth must end. DO NOT use any deck armor to any ship except: KGV, POW, L1, L2 and QV (if you play it AW). All these ships are to played with deck armor to the MAXIMUM if you play them with front guns only! if you play them with 3 guns then do not use deck. Any other ship it is waste of weight which means less bulge and slower speed .Play only with your SD. If your SD is not yet 900, be patient. If it is 900, you are good. Understand that 2" of deck or 4" of deck DO NOT HELP YOU! It's only extra weight.

4) Seaman and medic: Also some myths to finish. Many people do not know what a seaman does in this game and also how to use it. So here it goes:

a) Seaman: The seaman's work is to boost the abilities of all your sailors in his area. When i say his area i mean support slots or T (AA guns) slots. If you put your seaman in your support slots he boosts your engineers, repairers, scout. If you put him on your T slots he boosts your gunners and your BO. Oh a small hint on this... putting your seaman in T slots might make your guidelines longer because he boosts the BO's abilities.

b) DO NOT STACK MORE THAN 2 SEAMAN!!!!! More than 2 seaman together DO NOT WORK! Also to do this correctly you must put your 2 seaman together in the support slots or in your T slots. Not 1 in support and 1 in T slots. They dont stack this way.

c) DO NOT STACK SEAMAN WITH MEDIC!!!!! Stacking seaman with medic is a known old bug which makes them conflict and in other words, none of them work so they both only taking space in your ship. If you want to put seaman and medic on your CV put the seaman on your support slots and the medic on your T slots but i don't promise you any real effect...

5) Using AP vs an AW opponent: When you facing an AW opponent the first thing to do is either run back or if he's rushing, to rush him back. The reason i say this is simple. If your enemy is a good AW he will bounce your HE shells above angle 24-26. Below 24-26 angle he will not bounce your HE shells because you are not hitting his deck.... you are hitting his belt. So if you rush him back 1st you confuse him and 2nd you bring him close to you, close to your 18-22 angle in which you can give him some good hits without him bouncing your shells.
If your AW enemy is at your high angle or above 26 angle use only AP shells to penetrate his armor and lower his SD. Once you lowered his SD switch to HE again and kill him.

Well that's some stuff that came in my mind for now. Everything i mentioned above are tested and 100% like i describe them. Feel free to use them and share your thoughts with me. I would be very happy to help anyone who needs some extra info.


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