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1 BASIC GUIDE FOR CV PLAYERS on Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:18 pm


1. Prologue

Driving a carrier vessel is one of the most complex and responsible tasks
in Navyfield. Your skill and tactical understanding will significantly affect
the result of a battle.
In this guide you will find, beside technical explanations, also some
recommendations. These recommendations are based on many years of
gaming experience with Navyfield. However, they are only advises no

2. Nations

Good fighter pilots
Best fighters
Dive bomber with largest damage output
Torpedo bomber with smallest damage
Little variety of carriers
Little plane space

Huge variety of carriers
Carriers also for lower level
Huge plane space
Fastest dive bomber
Good damage output for both torpedo bomber and dive bomber
Bad fighter pilots
weak fighters

Torpedo bomber with largest damage output
Durable fighters
Additional support slot
Bad fighter pilots
Bad offensive power for fighters

Best fighter pilots
Good fighters
Good torpedo bombers and dive bombers
Average performance for all types of aircraft but no special

3. Carriers

The most important figures for CVs are the amount of planes you can
launch simultaneously and the plane space.
CVs can ready between 4 and 12 planes at the same time. They are also
classified according to this list.
Amount for Class:
4 for CVE
6 for CV1
7 for CV2
8 for CV3
9 for CV4
10 for CV5
11 for PCV
12 for CV6
The plane space determines the amount of planes a CV can fit. In order to
calculate the true amount of planes you have to divide the plane space by
the space a plane requires.

4. Sailors

In general, the choice of the proper amount of pilots and their base stats
(basic growth of a neutral sailor) is of extreme importance.
Base stats are important for CVs since you will barely be able to
compensate a lack of ability with good maneuvering of your planes,
Important base stats for pilots are:
Fighter -> Takes influence on the ability to shoot down enemy planes
Bomber -> Takes influence on the durability of your bombers and their resistance
against AA(W) (anti air / (automated air warfare)) and fighter attacks
Aircraft -> Takes influence on the agility of your planes
In addition to pilots, there are also sailors who can contribute to the
performance of your CV. In the first place, every support for a BB is as
useful on a CV. For a CV a medic is also very helpful. He will reduce the
death rate on your pilots.
The death rate on pilots is higher than the death rate on supports of a
battleship. That results from the circumstance that planes are shot down
more often than battleships get a critical hit. You therefore should avoid
getting your planes shot down unnecessarily because you sent them
straight into enemy fighters for example. The last Patch ver. 1.291 (Date: July 13, 2010) stop the vetteran loss.
There is no medic for UK and IJN. However, you may equip a medic of an
allied nation. He will work with 100% ability. Allied Nations are KM<->IJN
and US<->UK

Fighter pilots
Core ability for fighter pilots is fighter.
Note: Fighter cover is primary task of a carrier. Without fighter cover,
the enemy will be able to scout your team. In addition, your capital ships are barely protected from bomber runs.
An unscouted ship will be hard to fight. Care about you team being
invisible and able to scout the enemy team. If you are also able to provide
cover from bomber runs, your team is covered perfectly.
If there is heavy air traffic, you might want to provide fighter cover
constantly. You will need at least four fighter pilots to constantly have 2
squads of fighters in the air while the other 2 squads are refueling.

Bomber pilots
Core ability for bombers is bomber.
Dive-bombers have a good success rate being very reliable regarding
damage and accuracy.
Torpedo bombers have a lower success rate because you will have to
penetrate the bulge of some ships first. In addition, you will need some
practice to hit with all torpedoes. Nevertheless, torpedoes deal about a
third more damage than dive-bombers. Small and fast ships are easier to
hit with torpedo bombers.
For torpedo bomber pilots the bomber ability is of particular importance,
since your bombers will have to fly close to the water surface and are
therefore threatened by AAW. With sufficient bomber ability, your pilots
can even become immune against AAW.
If you carry at least four fighters, you will have no more than 2-4 slots for
bomber pilots. Choose the final compilation of bomber pilots depending on
your nationʼs advantages and personal preferences.
Note: Bombing is secondary task of a CV. That is based on the
damage/time relation of a carrier, which is many times lower than those
of battleships are.
Properly executed however, you are able to contribute to the success of
your team.
Properly executed in this case means, to bomb the right target at the right
time and not only bomb the closest target in range to deal some damage.
The right target is mostly a ship your team is hardly able to sink, even
with fighter cover (e.g. huge battleships) or precious ships your gun ships
simply can not reach (e.g. AA ships or carriers).
Be aware that those precious ships are also covered by fighters mostly.
Care about your bombers, so that you do not lose them before they can
fulfill their duty.
The right time is always when you are able to bomb the right ship in a
way that it will either sink or be easy to sink afterwards.

5. Equipment

For carriers the finder- fire control system is recommended. You are able
to spot torpedoes and enemy aircrafts earlier. If you intend to use guns on
your carrier use aiming FCS is recommended.
Note: If you are only using anti aircraft guns (AA) on your carrier, you can
also try using finder FCS. A slight worse spread can even be helpful for

As a carrier, you are usually out of the range of gun ships. Potential
threats to you are long-range torpedoes, submarines and enemy bombers.
Since carriers do not have the displacement to fit enough deck armor you
should merely put on some bulge. Anyhow, you should consider that
armor makes you slower and therefore you will loose some ability for
dodging maneuvers.

Some CVs are capable to carry some armament. Here you are able to
place some anti-air weaponry or guns to defend yourself from small ships.
Some guns are even able to carry both heavy explosive (HE) and anti
aircraft (AA) ammunition. Like armor however, you should consider that
the additional displacement will make your ship slower.

The amount of planes should be chosen in a way you can flexibly react on
any situation and fulfill your primary and secondary tasks. Also regard
your nations advantage. For a Great Battle it is recommended to use at
least 50% of the plane space for fighters.
The first tiers of CVs for all nations (some nations even for advanced tiers)
lack a decent amount of plane space. In addition, the first tier of CVs got
only a little amount of support slots. You are therefore advised to refrain
from putting all kind of planes onto your CV but concentrate on 2 kinds.
The amount of bombs for bombers should be chosen in a way that every
bomber squad would be able to do two bomb runs. For dive-bombers
there are HE bombs recommended since they will still deal a decent
amount of damage to armored ships. AP bombs on the other hand deal
only little damage to unarmored ships.


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thx for the information !! Very Happy

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