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How to make proper IJN DP GUNNER

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1 How to make proper IJN DP GUNNER on Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:15 pm


How to make proper IJN DP

Now i have seen many questions in regard to IJN Anti-Air :
- Do i use Machine gunners, DP, AA etc.
- How do i properly train my ____ gunners
- What base should i need to make a good set of ____ gunners

Since i was tired of seeing these questions over and over again, i decided to make a final post as to what to do... Feel free to correct what i say, and i can edit my post accordingly.

For the first question, - Do i use Machine gunners, DP, AA, RLD etc. :
Very simple, IJN has CRAP AAW so Machine gunners make your AAW only some what acceptable so machine gunners = WAIST OF TIME AND $.
The AA guns are just plain and simply JUNK so ... NO.
Wich only leave ... DP GUNNERS, they can use the long range DP 4.7''/45 Type 10.
They have UBER range for AA, Good reload with good dp gunners, nice spread at higher levels, so in other words, UBER!
So incase you didnt notice, DP guns are the way to go!

For the Second question, - How do i properly train/class my DP gunners :
I heard many rumours saying that the longer you wait to class your DP, the better, so i decided first hand to test this theory.
I first trained a set of dp gunners trained ''the normal way'' wich is :Class em when you can. This gave horrible results so i would not recommend it to anyone.

The second set i trained were trained up to level 62, as normal ARMAMENT SAILORS and at level 62, classed them to Chf. DP gunners. These gunners gave exellent results compared to the first set.

The third set was trained up to level 75, they gave better results then the two other sets but were frustrating to train because they took up valid support slots (causing SD lose).

So i would recommend by far waiting as long as you can before classing them, if you can, but if you cant, wait until minimum lvl 62 (for chf dp gunner).

Finally for the third question regarding the base, i could not really do any tests on the theorys for what to look for so what i did for the three different sets was buy some 11 acc. 11 rel. 10 aaw gunners (i would of did 11/11/11 but i could not find any) now from personal experience, these gunners work wonderfully. The most important stat of the three is, Reload, because as your level goes up when they are DP gunners, they gain ALOT in AAW (wich is junk anyways) compared to Acc and Rel, as compared to at Arm sailors when they make more in Acc and Rel as
compared to AAW wich explains why u want to wait as long as you can (once again incase you didnt figure it out on your own, its because you want to gain as much reload and accuracy as you can).

Now i hope my answers are correct and will help you in your training of a nice set of
DP. And i remind you that i would greatly appreciate feed back and if there is one of my answer i have said that you do not agree with, i will DEFINATLY look into it and see if i was correct or wrong, and if wrong, modify the post accordingly

--------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
Here's some more information thanks to a question someone asked :
Waiting up to level 75 instead of 62 allowed me to gain +7 in acc +7 in Rel and +8 in AAW per level, so it benefited in the three, compared to when u class at 62 you only gain sumthing like +2 / lvl in AAW so you gain in all 3 significantly as compared to when u class them at lvl 62, you only gain in AAW. As for the reload cap, i dont recall when i hit it so if anyone brought there DP up the way i did then maybe help specify on this .
*** you cant forget for the cap that it depends on the base of your sailor and if its BVE. I would always recommend BVE your sailors because it helps them drasticly.


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